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Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture

Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture represents an educational, in-depth, up-to-date, indoor horticultural growers guide that covers all principles of indoor Hydroponics Indoor Horticulture by Jeffrey Winterborne hydroponic horticulture and gardening. This book contains 110,000 words, with over 300 diagrams, pictures, illustrations, graphs, tables, 3 dimensional CAD renderings, and is printed in full colour.

Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture examines, explores, dissects and presents a fully comprehensive step by step growers guide, relating to all and every aspect of indoor hydroponic horticulture, with complete chapters on plant biology, propagation, hydroponic systems, nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide enrichment, pH, biological pest control, fungi/disease, cuttings/clones, pruning/training, breeding, harvesting, equipment, grow rooms, a full history of hydroponics, and more.

This book goes further than any indoor growers guide has gone before, presented in full colour with 3 dimensional CAD renderings. Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture quite simply outclasses any other book on the subject... In terms of literal content, quantity, quality and presentation, no other indoor horticulture growers guide can compete, let alone compare.

(Below follows a one page sample taken from the book)


Carbon dioxide enrichment has been in wide use in commercial greenhouses for more than 25 years. Delivering more CO2 to a grow room with high energy plants in it, will stimulate growth. High energy plants in good lighting conditions consume 1200 to 1500 parts per million. However, science has shown that if you overdo it with CO2 then it’s like overdoing anything in hydroponics and can have a detrimental effect. If you get all the environmental conditions right and are injecting CO2 at the right levels you can get to a situation where you are doubling the plant’s growth. So, as you can imagine, this is why CO2 is so widely used in an indoor grow room.

High energy plants in full sunlight, which equates to approximately 5000 lumens per square foot, can process 1500-2000 parts per million of CO2. However, indoor gardens with the light levels of approximately 3000 lumens per square foot need approximately 1000-1500 parts per million of CO2,


compared to normal air which is typically 300 parts per million, so you can see that CO2-enrichment is worthy of investment and use. Carbon dioxide enriched high energy plants, due to their enhanced growth patterns, require higher maintenance than non CO2-enriched plants. CO2- enriched plants use more water, nutrients, and for that matter, more space. They can consume the aforementioned up to twice as fast as non CO2- enriched plants. The temperature can also be slightly increased in a CO2-enriched grow room.

People, for some reason, get somewhat confused about CO2, believing that the roots need to uptake it. This is simply not the case. It is true that the roots benefit from the leaves uptaking CO2, however, injecting CO2 to the root system will have nothing but detrimental effects. Roots require oxygen; CO2 will suffocate them.

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