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Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture

Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture represents an educational, in-depth, up-to-date, indoor horticultural growers guide that covers all principles of indoor Hydroponics Indoor Horticulture by Jeffrey Winterborne hydroponic horticulture and gardening. This book contains 110,000 words, with over 300 diagrams, pictures, illustrations, graphs, tables, 3 dimensional CAD renderings, and is printed in full colour.

Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture examines, explores, dissects and presents a fully comprehensive step by step growers guide, relating to all and every aspect of indoor hydroponic horticulture, with complete chapters on plant biology, propagation, hydroponic systems, nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide enrichment, pH, biological pest control, fungi/disease, cuttings/clones, pruning/training, breeding, harvesting, equipment, grow rooms, a full history of hydroponics, and more.

This book goes further than any indoor growers guide has gone before, presented in full colour with 3 dimensional CAD renderings. Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture quite simply outclasses any other book on the subject... In terms of literal content, quantity, quality and presentation, no other indoor horticulture growers guide can compete, let alone compare.

(Below follows a one page sample taken from the book)

The Merging of Nature and Technology

The term hydroponics was originally coined in the mid 20th century. It is a term used to express a technique for growing plants in a soilless medium.

The concept of growing plants without soil goes way back in time to our prehistoric past. For example, the mythical Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the much worshipped flooding of the Egyptian Nile and the Floating Gardens of Mexico City are all examples of hydroponics.

History, as it always seems to do, has turned full circle and the rebirth of hydroponics is back with us. Approximately 90% of all cut fresh flowers purchased in the UK are hydroponically grown and an estimated 65% of all fruit and vegetables purchased from your supermarket, again are grown in hydroponics systems. So like it or not, we have all bought and eaten hydroponic produce. In many countries, hydroponics is big business, but in the UK we were a bit slow to catch on. Ironically, a British professor invented, or should we say reinvented hydroponics in the Sixties. Then, hydroponics like a lot of very good British inventions was adopted by the rest of the world who developed and exploited it. However, the UK hydroponics industry has now established itself and is leading the way once again.

Plants are grown in an inert, sterile growing medium and fed a mixture of water and nutrient. The principle is basic. Plants that are grown in soil have to continuously develop their rootballs in search of water, nutrients and air so the majority of the plants available energy is spent on the lower root


development restricting their upper growth. In hydroponics, water, nutrient and air are mainlined directly to the rootball, freeing the plant to use its available energy in its upper leaf, fruit or flower development. That coupled with the fact that it has all the specific nutrient, air and water it could ever want, means a plant can grow at a previously unheard of rate. If you like it's “super charged battery farming for plants on steroids" but the plants are in heaven, not hell. Because plants grown in a hydroponics system can be given very exact and specific doses of nutrient, a crop raised hydroponically will develop optimum levels of appearance, yield and flavour. Because the roots of plants grown in a soilless medium do not need to constantly grow in search of nutrient, more plants can be grown in a smaller area. You will thus be making the best use of whatever space is available to you.

Why Hydroponics?

2 to 10 times more than soil!
no deficiencies or toxicities
1/10th that of irrigation
no soil bacteria or viruses
virtually none
higher, better, healthier
initially higher, then lower
non-seasonal, faster!
easy, safe, sterilisable
minimal problems
compatible, safe
grow your own!

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