Hydroponics Indoor Horticulture  

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Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture

Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture represents an educational, in-depth, up-to-date, indoor horticultural growers guide that covers all principles of indoor Hydroponics Indoor Horticulture by Jeffrey Winterborne hydroponic horticulture and gardening. This book contains 110,000 words, with over 300 diagrams, pictures, illustrations, graphs, tables, 3 dimensional CAD renderings, and is printed in full colour.

Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture examines, explores, dissects and presents a fully comprehensive step by step growers guide, relating to all and every aspect of indoor hydroponic horticulture, with complete chapters on plant biology, propagation, hydroponic systems, nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide enrichment, pH, biological pest control, fungi/disease, cuttings/clones, pruning/training, breeding, harvesting, equipment, grow rooms, a full history of hydroponics, and more.

This book goes further than any indoor growers guide has gone before, presented in full colour with 3 dimensional CAD renderings. Hydroponics - Indoor Horticulture quite simply outclasses any other book on the subject... In terms of literal content, quantity, quality and presentation, no other indoor horticulture growers guide can compete, let alone compare.

(Below follows a one page sample taken from the book)

Photosynthesis and Light

In absolute basic terms, light is food. Everything else we give the plant simply aids to digest and utilise the light. More light equals more yield. The more light a plant receives, the greater it will become providing that all its other needs are catered for. Simply, if the plant does not get enough light, nothing else you use will make the plant grow any larger or produce any more yield.

The main turbo-charging factor in an indoor garden is plenty of available light. Light density of an indoor garden is the determining factor for outrageous yielding, high energy plants.

Lumens, Lux and Foot Candles

The knowledge of lumens or light density is paramount to the indoor horticulturist.

Lumens are a unit measuring light intensity striking an area of surface. Lumens are a measure equal to a


number of candles lighting an average book positioned 1 foot away from the light. The simple definition of 1 lumen is equal to the light generated from 1 candle shining on 1 square foot of white paper held 1 foot away from the flame.

So 1 lumen = 1 foot candle or 1 candle of light intensity, per square foot, held 1 foot away.

Now, you have possibly also heard of lux as an expression of light intensity. The metric unit is called the lux and this is simply the amount of light falling on one square metre.

1 lux = 1 metre candle or 1 candle of light intensity, per square metre, held 1 foot away.

A single square metre works out to be approximately 10 square feet, so the lux number is 10 times the lumen number. So 1 lumen x 10 lux is simply the metric way of doing it.

Spectra of Photosynthesis and Chlorosynthesis