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Chapter 5 - Nutrients:

Chapter explains in detail the different components that make a nutrient solution, describing in depth the isolated elements and the use the plants make of them. This includes macro and micro elements as well as other new elements that are currently being employed by hydroponicists. This is demonstrated with a diagram and a 3 dimensional CAD rendering, each element is illustrated as a periodic symbol with the complete chemical formula of its make-up. The chapter concludes with a break down of the different types of nutrient solutions available and the strengths and weaknesses of each commonly used type as well as photography of said nutrients.



Introduction: The Merging of Nature and Technology
Chapter 1: Plants - A Basic Overview 4
Chapter 2: Plants and Entropy 17
Chapter 3: Propagation 23
Chapter 4: Hydroponic Systems 39
Chapter 5: Nutrients 51
Chapter 6: Oxygen and Air 67
Chapter 7: Carbon Dioxide 75
Chapter 8: Water pH 81
Chapter 9: Pests and Pest Control 87
Chapter 10: Fungi 107



Chapter 11: Cuttings and Clones 115
Chapter 12: Pruning and Training 123
Chapter 13: Breeding Your Plants 127
Chapter 14: Harvesting 131
Chapter 15: Equipment 137
Chapter 16: Grow Rooms 163
Chapter 17: A History of Hydroponics 175
Appendix 1: Transcript 187
Appendix 2: Useful Information 203
Appendix 3: Glossary
Index: Index

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